‘You’re Great And You’re Awesome, Just As You Are’

Download for free – Jay’s epic poem about discovering who you and living as your best self.

In a world where we are constantly influenced about who to be, what to do, what to believe and how to live, how will you discover what makes you unique and treasure that as good, valuable and important? Don’t try to blend in – you were born to stand out. Be yourself because, as the poem says, you’re great and you’re awesome, just as you are.

Join Trent in the poem as he discovers that his greatness comes from within, not in the color of his hair, what he looks like or other things on the outside. We all learn from him as  he learns this difficult but important message about embracing your difference as a part of what makes you awesome. Enjoy this powerful story told through great rhyme – we find it is best read aloud.

From the poem:

“We are truly born great, just as we are!
Our lives are important. You’re amazing, my young star.
But with others, they think, it’s for them to say
Who is fine, who is good, who is right, who’s okay.”

“For greatness is not in brown hair or blond.

Greatness is not in how our words sound.
Greatness is not on our outside – our skin.
Greatness, true greatness, always happens within.”

Download the poem for free – and please read it and share it.

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