Life Possibilities – Know Yourself, Know Your World, Find Your Fit – the Workshop

So many of us think we have limited choices in life – we have to be what our parents or aunts and uncles were. We have to go to college. We have to make a certain amount of money. We have to live where our family is from.

So here is some amazing news – YOU DON”T HAVE TO DO ANY OF THAT. All of it is your choice. So, the question is “What do you WANT in life?”

Discovering and listening to your own voice in our noisy, tell-you-what-to-do world is not easy. But when we do, we start to build life on our terms, in our way and on our speed. After all, it’s our life, shouldn’t we be the ones deciding how it plays out? And what would it take to have a success formula – a way of alway succeeding in life?

Our Life Possibilities Workshop (Know Yourself, Know Your World, Find Your Fit) is a fun, hands-on, get-to-know yourself, find-your-fit workshop that helps you identify your talents, strengths and passions – in other words, what you are good at, passionate about and what matters to you.  It then uses your information, along with what you know of your world to put the two together to help you build possibilities that fit the TrueYou. You learn how to choose what is for you and how you want life to be. You will be guided by one of our Greatness Zone Coaches along with our powerful Life Possibilities Manual.

This workshop is hosted live in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Or, click on this link to participate in the online version of this workshop (go to step 4 in the GPS on the site).  We are also glad to bring this workshop to your organization, church, business or school.

In this workshop you’ll discover your Greatness Factor – the things that you are hardwired good at and passionate about. You’ll learn how to tell yourself and others about your strengths in our Branding Statement training. You’ll be introduced to the TrueYou versus the You-on-View and how to find and listen to your own voice so that you start to learn to choose wisely for you.

Then, we’ll give you a new look at your world – to expand what you see and what you consider. Think of it as getting new glasses. Your vision increases – you see things you didn’t see before and each one could be an opportunity that is just right for you.

Next. we’ll guide you through our Possibilities Process to show you how to find or create possibilities that fit you. The real you. The strong and talented you. The born awesome you. The just right you. The nothing-else-needed you.

And once you see the Possibilities that fit you, we’ll show you how to create a plan to get your ideas off the paper and into life. Dreams are good but reality is better.

And here is the most amazing thing. Once you learn this Life Possibilities Process, you will have it for life. No matter your age, no matter the situation, no matter the circumstances, you can get in your Greatness Zone. It’s yours. No one can take it from you. Life – bigger, bolder, better.

Click here to participate in the online Life Possibilities Program.

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There are possibilities everywhere – when you know how to look for them…

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