These workshops help you learn how to be more aware of you (your talents, passions and values), more aware of your world (its opportunities) and then to put the two together to be able to build your life around what you do best. From that place you can then better guide, coach and support the important people in your work and life.

Our workshops are not like others. We plan and build the important high-energy, high-impact, entertaining and big-results details into each workshop. They are also called workshops because as participants, you will work through the concepts, processes and ideas to make them your own. You are the center of all we do – of helping you see your internal greatness and helping you build your life around what you do best. And from this place, you can then support, guide, coach and connect with others in a more significant way.

Click on each to see the full details of the workshops. The write-ups are significant because the workshops are significant – so take your time reviewing them. Call or email Jay Forte  or call at 401.338.3505 with any questions. We look forward to seeing you at these workshops.

Consider bringing any of these workshops to your work, church, school, association or community. We travel.

Our Workshops (click on each for more information)

The Conscious Couple – Know Yourself, Strengthen Your Relationship – A Greatness Zone Great Life Workshop for Couples – not connecting as you want, or just wanting to stay strong – both as who you are and as a couple? Consider this 2-day Retreat. This program is hosted in several locations – contact us to find a location near you.

The Present Parent Workshops – SuperDad Retreat and the SuperMom RetreatGreatness Zone Great Life Workshops for Dads and Moms – not sure how to engage and inspire your kids to find their greatness in today’s wild world? Not feeling confident in your role as a parent? Not sure how to support but allow our kids to grow up? Consider this 2-day RETREAT – one for dads, one for moms. A time to rethink how to show up as your SUPER self and to be more confident and effective in your parenting. See the specific information for both the SuperDad Retreat and the SuperMom Retreat. These workshops are hosted in Ft Lauderdale, FL, or contact us and we can bring this workshop to you.

The Mindful Manager – Know Yourself, Engage Your Employees A Greatness Zone High Performance Workshop for Managers and Leaders – Not sure how to engage and inspire your employees to do more than just show up? Not feeling strong and capable as a manager or leader? Consider this 2-day workshop. This workshop is hosted in Ft Lauderdale, FL, or contact us and we can bring this workshop to you.

Life Possibilities – Know Yourself, Know Your World, Find Your Fit – Though were are born amazing, we did not receive an owner’s manual for life. We need guidance to know our unique talents, strengths and passions, and how to connect to possibilities that allow us to do what we do best. We own our road – and our happiness and success. This full-day workshop is your GPS to learn how to know yourself, find your fit so you can build the life you want. Live workshops are hosted in Fort Lauderdale, FL or we can bring our workshops to you. Or, click here to participate in the online version of this workshop.

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