What We Do

We provide talent-based tools through our Life Possibilities  and Consciousness Coaching Workshops (The Present Parent, The Conscious Couple and The Mindful Manager),  and our Greatness Zone Coaching to help you discover what makes you great and how to bring it to your personal and professional world.  You become clearer about you. You make better work and life choices. You live more boldly and courageously. You also develop the skills to inspire, guide and help others. This is what we want for you. That is why we do what we do.

As educators and certified Greatness Zone Coaches who are passionate about helping everyone discover their unique talents, strengths and passions – and how to connect them to opportunities in their world – we help you discover your potential and connect it to today’s world to live your purpose.

You were born awesome – unique and talented. In a world of over 7 billion people there is now one just like you. No one. And though we were born awesome, most of us have lost the connection to what makes us awesome. We don’t know ourselves so we don’t know how to make good choices for who we really are.

We let others tell us what to study, where to live, what to do for work, what to drive, who to love and even how to live. This happens at any age 18 or 80. There is always someone telling us how things should be. This doesn’t allow the best of you to shine through.

Everything we do is to help you reconnect to your greatness – to help you find your true voice. Because, as you discover what you are good at, passionate about and what matters to you, you will always be able to determine what fits you – the TrueYou. You choose more wisely. You show up greater to life. You bring your best. You transform the world. You apply the Rhodium Rule – a rule greater than the gold or platinum rule: Know Yourself. Be Yourself. Help Others Be Themselves. Live this and life will be amazing for you – and for others.

Enroll in or host one of our Life Possibilities Workshops. Contact us for Greatness Zone Coaching. And if you are ready, learn how to be a coach by enrolling in our Greatness Zone Coach Training – our new and talent-based approach to life and workplace coaching. All are designed to help you know yourself, live your potential and inspire others to do the same.


Values (What we believe)

  • We believe that living a great life is a choice.
  • We believe that each of us is born with untapped greatness that we call our Greatness Factor.
  • We believe that our Greatness Factor shows in our individual intrinsic gifts – our unique abilities – our talents, strengths and passions.
  • We believe that the key to accessing information about our Greatness Factor is in mindfulness – in being more present, conscious and awake to the moments of our lives.
  • We believe that when we connect our Greatness Factor to our world, we discover our Greatness Zone – that place where we connect our what we do best with ways to bring it to our world.
  • We believe that with education, coaching, guidance, support and inspiration, everyone can discover his/her greatness factor and know how to live in his/her Greatness Zone.
  • We believe that when each of us live our greatness we are able to transform the world.

Our Brand Promise

We will…

  • Treat everyone as the unique and special being they are.
  • Provide learning, guidance, support and coaching in as many ways as possible to ensure there is a method that encourages each learner’s process.
  • Applaud effort as much as progress and impact.
  • Create a dialog around self-discovery, mindfulness, living authentically and greatness to bring attention to it in today’s world.
  • Provide practical tools to connect personal greatness with meaningful applications in today’s world.

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