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The Greatness Zone PodcastHosted by speaker, writer, certified workplace and life and energy coach Jay Forte, The Greatness Zone podcast (now on BlogTalk Radio on  is a weekly conversation about how to know yourself, know your world and put the two together to find your greatness road in life. Entertaining and informative guests share meaningful information about how to create our life’s success formula (how to find our way in our wild world) and live life like it matters. The podcast format shifted to BlogTalk Radio on February 11, 2015

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BlogTalk Radio Episodes

Episode 6 – Spiritual Awareness Through Martial ArtsGary Snyder – 7th Degree Black Belt and Aikido Master – Wednesday, March 18 at 8pm or download to listen.

Martial arts can inspire compassion, strength and reduce violence. The enlightened martial arts of Aikido, Jiu Jitsu, yoga and mediation can train the mind, body and spirit to find the greatness in oneself and to see and honor it in others. Seventh-degree Aikido Black Belt Master Gary Snyder shares how the practice of coordinating the mind and body can develop an inner calmness and greater spiritual awareness – one that is able to shift us from our alarming culture of violence to one of greater compassion, respect and peace.

Episode 5 – Recharging Through Giving – Steve Gamlin – author, motivational speaker, founder of Beachbum Philanthropy – Wednesday, March 11 at 8pm or download to listen.

Imagine living an inspired life, fueled by connecting with and giving to others.

Motivational speaker Steve Gamlin’s crash and burn life’s story became his fuel for rediscovering that the value in life is in showing up aware, generous and kind to others – to find ways to be someone’s hero. He intentionally plans his days around providing inspired moments of service to others – small events, simple to do. This refocus on living through giving recharges life and connects what is best in us to our world. We all benefit.

Episode 4 – Law of Attraction JournalingDr. Michael Pearlman, psychologist, life strategist and founder of Law of Attraction Journaling – Wednesday, March 4 at 8pm or download to listen.

Are you feeling you are unable to attract the things into your life that you want – that your greatest dreams and desires are always just out of reach?

The founder of Law of Attraction Journaling, psychologist and personal life strategist, Dr. Michael Pearlman, shares that though we want to attract abundance and greatness in our lives, many of us are blocked. Inspired by his own personal story of using journaling to listen to his soul, he shares the Law of Attraction Journaling, a practical four-step journaling process he developed to connect with our deeper selves – to move past our blocks and attract the things we want most in life. If journaling has not been part of your life, you will be inspired to try it. If it has been, he’ll share ways for you get more from your process.

Episode 3 – Bouncing Back, Moving ForwardRob McBride, motivational speaker, author and bounce back expert – Wednesday, Feb 25 at 8pm or download to listen.

Are you taken down or stuck in life by things that don’t go your way? A successful and happy life is one of resiliency and reinventing – of bouncing back from difficulties so we can be ready to reinvent – to try new things and to move forward.The bounce back expert, speaker and author Rob McBride, shares his tips for being resilient in a wild world, and how to keep reinventing new ways to show up happy and productive in life. In this episode, Rob shares that life is a series of adventures that teach us to be strong and inspire us to keep adventuring.

Episode 2 – Playing On The Cutting EdgeSandie Sedgbeer, author, consultant and life alchemist – Wednesday, Feb 18 at 8pm or download to listen.

How do you discover your greatness? You didn’t receive an owner’s manual or a life guidebook – no summary of how to show up big to your life. For that, you need to learn to be more present, more aware and more conscious. Through consciousness, you discover what is great, amazing and unique about you – to be ready to bring that greatness to your world.Tune in and listen to consciousness expert Sandie Sedgbeer as she shares practical information about discovering and living your greatness of playing on the cutting edge. According to Sandie, “You already have everything you need to make anything happen: you just don’t know it yet.” Through this powerful and practical conversation, you will not only hear how to discover your greatness, but will start to see how to manifest great things in all aspects of your life.

Episode 1 – Changes, Challenges and the Modern Man – Tom Fiffer, Executive Editor of The Good Men Project – Wednesday, Feb 11 at 8pm or download to listen.

What does it take to be a modern man? Executive Editor of the Good Men Project, Tom Fiffer, joins me to discuss the changes and challenges of being a modern man, one committed to greatness in a world of constantly changing values and expectations. Tom shares how his editor’s role guides and challenges thousands of readers, both men and women, to be part of an open and powerful conversation about showing up as our best selves. He brings greatness into both our discussion and in to his work through his funny, serious, provocative and thoughtful stories, crafted around what the issues affected today’s men and what it means to show up boldly and fully to life – to have a Vivid life. Personally and professionally he shows up in his Greatness Zone. All of us, not just men, benefit. Join us.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 28 – The Gift and Greatness of WomenSuzanne Mathis McQueenSacred feminist, author, speaker, entrepreneur

This week we look at understanding ourselves from the inside out – of choosing to understand, follow and appreciate our biology and rhythms – our internal wisdom. This is a such a big topic that I asked Suzanne Mathis McQueen, author, entrepreneur, speaker, certified peace ambassador and indigenous ceremonialist for women’s circles, to share how she guides women to understand and use their internal beings to make better decisions and choices – to live on purpose. She shares her rich knowledge of women and how she helps them stand in their power and truly understand themselves. A passionate and wise soul, she helps all of us better understand and appreciate the gift and greatness of women. Don’t miss this powerful, loving and brilliant conversation (dads – share this with your daughters). Join us.


Episode 27 – You’re Great And You’re Awesome, Just As You Are – Jay narrates his powerful and inspiring rhyming poem.

In this episode, Jay shares the story of Trent, a blond-haired child born in a town that only allows dark hair. Trent learns the pain of trying to hide who you are and discovers that our value is never on our outside, but rather all greatness comes from within.

“Greatness is not in brown hair or blond; greatness is not in how our words sound. Greantess is not on our outside – our skin. Greatness, true greatness, always happens within.”

This is timely as we all need to be reminded that as we look past what people look like, we are able to see their true greatness – who they are down deep. Sometimes it is through what kids say that the rest of us learn. This is a great one to listen to with your families – and to share. You can download the full poem directly from the


Episode 26 – What Teens Think Of GreatnessFrancesca ReicherterFort Lauderdale high school junior, Blog Talk Radio host

Millennials have arrived at a time when their world has been influenced by a shift from the industrial (make things) economy to the intellectual (provide service) economy. This shifted work from skills to abilities – from ‘repetitive’ work to ‘think-on-your-feet’ work. To be successful in this new world, millennials must be more self and world aware – to choose things that need what they do best; they have to discover, develop and connect in to their talents – their inner greatness. In this powerful conversation with Francesca Reicherter, a focused, thinking 16 year old Fort Lauderdale, FL high school junior and Blog Talk Radio host, we talk about what teens think about greatness and what issues are affecting their sense of self, happiness and success. She reminds us of what our teens think about, value and are concerned with and the guidance they need and want from their parents and others to find their way in life. A powerful, insightful and engaging conversation with a very cool teen. Join us!


Episode 25– Greatness In LanguageDara Feldman – Educator, speaker, author, coach, consultant, Teacher of the Year

Language is powerful. It can support, encourage and inspire. It can also be biting, strong and mean. Focusing on a language of optimism, positivity, support and greatness are key to inspiring and connecting with others. To help me have a discussion about the power of greatness language, I speak with the positive, passionate and enthusiastic educator, speaker, author consultant and teacher of the year, Dara Feldman. We dig into to the power of language and its impact on others. Through her many years of education, coaching and educational consulting, she is a master at helping us use language to engage and inspire. In this conversation, you’ll here some of her brilliant high impact phrases including “be curious, not furious,” “act with tact,” and “feelings aren’t facts.”  She also shares her great tool – the power of a do over – a way to roll things back and rethink what we say and how we say it. We have a powerful conversation about virtues and how to build virtue language into our interactions. This is a critical conversation for all parents, educators and employers. Her wisdom is timeless; her energy in infectious. Join us.


Episode 24 – How to have A Great LifeTom Morris – practical philosopher, business guru, passionate speaker and prolific author

In my powerful and inspiring conversation with today’s entertaining, wise and practical philosopher, Tom Morris, we talk about what greatness is and how the wisdom of the philosophers provides guidance how to have a great life. Always passionate, lively, entertaining and wise, Tom has activated a love of philosophy in his classes as a professor at Notre Dame and shares the practical relevance of philosophy in running extraordinary organizations. This conversation is loaded with powerful and practical wisdom including the 3D living approach, what Michelangelo and wood carvers teach us about focus, why “know yourself” is the key to finding your next adventure in life and how to access all the information you need to have a great life. There are too many Morris gems to list so make a commitment to bring a note pad, a great cup of coffee and listen to this one. You’ll play this one over and over. Brilliant.


Episode 23 – Land On Your FeetPam Butlercoach, certified meditation and yoga instructor

Sometimes life seems to be too much. Relationships fall apart. Health fails. Companies close and we lose jobs. Life does indeed come at you fast and some of it is not so good. But it is still life – worthy of showing up big to each moment – even in the tough moments. To help you land on your feet, access your greatness and treasure life, this week I am joined by certified Chopra Meditation instructor and Hot Flo Yoga Instructor Pam Butler. We talk about HOW to develop your internal strength, resiliency and ability to stand in your power. She shares a wonderful short meditation exercise and other practical ways to quiet the noises of life to be able to focus on what really matters, including connecting to your inner greatness. So if life regularly knocks you over, then join us to hear HOW to get back up and to learn to land on your feet. Don’t miss this one.


Episode 22 – Change Is Your AllyJohn Druryexecutive coach, facilitator, author and behavioral expert

Change – we say we hate it. We do everything to resist it. We blame it for what doesn’t work in our lives. But change is actually the key to our learning, growing and expanding as human beings. And according this weeks guest executive coach, author and student of human behavior John Drury, how we deal with change comes a lot from the programming we received earlier in life. In this powerful and practical conversation, John and I talk about how our greatness prepares us to be courageous in the face of change and how to modify the stories we play in our heads to take the fear out of change. John shares his wonderful insight into what he calls our hardware and software, how it works and how we can adjust it to show up more intentional and successful to life. This is one not to be missed – it is John Drury wisdom at its finest.


Episode 21 – Be A Game ChangerErik Lehmanncoach, entrepreneur and transformational change agent

There are places in our world that need us to show up, step up and stand out – to be the game changer. Or, as in the great question asked by Buckminster Fuller, “What is it on this planet that needs doing that I know something about that probably won’t happen unless I take responsibility for it?” This is what Erik Lehmann, coach, entrepreneur, transformational change agent, and I talk about – showing up and making a significant – game changing – difference. Erik not only shares his thoughts as the founder of the GameChangers movement – his passion to end violent video games and resensitize and reconnect to our hearts – but how each of us can be a game changer in life. We each come packaged with unique abilities that prepare us to do something amazing in our lives. We can always do a lot with what we have. He reminds us to tune in, watch, find our place, do something important – be a game changer. Join us for a powerful, emotional and “heartful” conversation. You will be inspired.


Episode 20 – See Things DifferentlyChris Taylorfounder of Actionable Books, speaker, writer, adventurer and renaissance man

Do you get up each day and do the same things? Do you drive to work the same way, get the same coffee, read the same things, listen to the same talk or music channels? If you do, you miss so much of life. When we learn to tune into our world and see things differently, we challenge our patterns. This is what you’ll hear from my guest, Chris Taylor, the founder and president of Actionable Books. A lifetime entrepreneur, you’ll hear how he looks at the world differently, always hunting for opportunities whether at home in Canada or in his regular trips to Spain and Panama. He shares how being an avid learner and adventurer have framed his perspectives in life and in business, and how increasing what you know expands what you see, consider and do. He lives life from his Greatness Zone. Need some inspiration to get out of your routines? Tune in to this great episode.


Episode 19 – It’s Never Too Late To Live An Amazing Life!Aaron Kennard – Author, blogger and chief life lover

Do you show up to each day of life, thrilled to be alive? Few of us do. We wake up ready for the fight that seems to be how life is for us. Or, as you’ll hear from Aaron Kennard, the chief life lover, you could learn to see that life is truly amazing. Plagued by significant health challenges and hanging on to life by just a thread, he came to realize that the secret to saving himself was in the realization that it is never too late to make life amazing. By changing our view – how we feel, think and see our world – the ‘amazingness’ of life opens to us. We have to want it, focus on it and believe that things are conspiring for our benefit. He shares what he has learned of how to trade pain for gratitude, shifting from a pissed-off life to a life on fire. As you will hear, by rewiring how we think, we tap into our greatest selves; this inspires us to choose and to live truly amazing lives. Don’t miss this one.


Episode 18 – Bounce Back from Life’s Setbacks Rob McBride – Speaker, author, professor and bounce back (resiliency) expert 

This week’s theme – Bounce back from life’s setbacks.  I speak with resiliency expert, author and inspirational speaker, Rob McBride, about what it takes to develop the inner strength to get back up when life knocks us down. It could be losing a job, facing an illness, losing a love one – life situations that we all experience that test our inner resilience. Rob offers ways to build our inner toughness to get back on the proverbial horse and stay focused on living a wonderful and greatness-focused life. We talk about how knowing your greatness helps you find your bounce – so that life’s challenges don’t keep you down. Also hear about his Seeds of Success and his books including The Special Gift. You’ll find him wise, generous and kind. Join us.


Episode 17 – Push Your Limits! –  Jim Skinner – Speaker, podcaster, cancer survivor and life adventurer

I speak with cancer survivor, speaker, author and man of action Jim Skinner about testing our limits and being tested by events that are out of our control. We can intentionally challenge our comfort zone – something Jim regularly did as a surfer and adventure lover. And with an innate ability to stand up strong to the world, he was diagnosed with stage-3 colon cancer which left him unable to face the world he was so used to boldly facing. He shares how he and others like him succeed in the face of epic challenges – in how to turn tragedy into triumph. Learn about his podcast, Stories With A Purpose – a resource for those dealing with health challenges. He’ll also share information about his Upward Spiral, owning your health and pushing past our limits. Bold. Powerful. Inspiring. You will be moved. Join us.


Episode 16 – Don’t Play Small! –  Steve Farber – Best selling author, executive coach and Extreme Leadership expert

I speak with leadership speaker, executive coach and celebrated author about Extreme Leadership – about showing up to life like it matters – of having some skin in the game and being fully invested in all that you do. We talk about loving your work and your life – and how it can change your approach to everything in life – people, relationships, work, faith, etc. Steve shares some of his wisdom that he presents in his Extreme Leadership program and talks about the 10th anniversary re-publication of his highly acclaimed book, Radical Leap. Be sure to tune in for more time with this significant author and leadership guru around our topic of greatness, showing up big and making your particular impact; you will be changed. Join us.


Episode 15 – Progress, Not Perfection –  Pastor Nathan Swenson-Reinhold – Lutheran minister, practical philosopher and man of faith

This week we talk about faith, belief, spiritually and greatness with Pastor Nathan Swenson-Reinhold, a Lutheran minster and big thinker. His extensive background in divinity, psychology and leadership helps us look at living our greatness in a robust, expansive and practical way. We discuss the role of faith, religion and belief in life and in the workplace and how it can inspire us to connect to the wonder of God (and greatness) in us. We also address progress over perfection as a practical way to show up big to life.  No matter what your belief, faith or spiritual tradition, you’ll learn from this big conversation. Join us.


Episode 14 – Plug In To Your World – Connect! –  Thom Singer – motivational speaker, author, convention catalyst and networking guru

This week we talk with Thom Singer about plugging in, networking and sharing how to connect to the world in a way that matters. Thom is a speaker, conference catalyst and master of ceremonies; he sets the tone for maximizing the networking at events – getting the most out of the moments and relationships. Connecting to his work as a consultant, trainer and author of 10 books on the power of business relationships, business development and entrepreneurship, Thom and I talk about how to plug in, connect and learn from people, events and experiences of life. This gives us information- information that expands our choices, ideas and opportunities. Information is the key to living our greatness – and Thom has a lot to share. Join us.


Episode 13 – Be Inspired! –  Steve Gamlin – motivational speaker, author, humorist and wise man

Smart, practical, totally real and committed to loving life, Steve Gamlin reminds us to be inspired by life.  He is known as the provider of motivational firewood – as a speaker, he provides information and stories to affect the sparks in hearts to inspire greatness and confidence in life. Steve and I talk about his remarkable life changes that brought him to his current role and how we each can help support and guide others – and how we are accountable for our own happiness. Hailing from the woods of NH, he is inspiring, humorous, generous and real; he gifts all this to his audiences and readers, and to us through this podcast. Join us.


Episode 12 – Show Up. Tune In. Pay Attention! –  John Spence – author, thought leader, executive coach and educator

A master of gathering, reviewing and distilling information, John Spence can take the complex and make it awesomely simple. John and I talk about how to be successful in life; he shares his definition, “Success is when your self-concept and core values are in harmony with your daily actions and behaviors.” John is candid about his failures and how they have fueled his successes. A passionate executive educator, he shares his practical, result-oriented wisdom with over 30,000 people each year. Bonus: Listen to learn the life success wisdom of the acronym PLAN. You will be informed, entertained and come away so much wiser. Join us – and share this one with your teens and college kids.


Episode 11 – Live Your Gifts –  Derrick MilesEntrepreneur, Man of Faith and Greatness Encourager – August 19, 2014

A passionate man of faith, successful entrepreneur and a talented “Encourager,” Derrick Miles joins me to talk about discovering our gifts (greatness) and how to connect it to our world. He is a big thinker with personal stories of challenge, change and success – and how to show up in the moments of life, clear about your direction, living what you are called to do. We show up as our best selves as we connect to our purpose and use our best abilities in service to others. He also shares information about his work with and how he became involved in helping the orphans of Zambia. Great stories and great wisdom for everyone. Join us


Episode 10 – Show Up, Step Up, Speak Up – Lead From Your Greatness Zone –  Susan Mazza – leadership coach, change agent and motivational speaker – August 12, 2014

Susan Mazza is a 2013 top thought leader and creator of the Random Acts of Leadership blog. She and I talk about how living our greatness (our personal leadership) shows in our everyday actions. We each must develop our own inner leadership compass and to become the leader in our lives – to have the courage to speak up and step up to make a difference in the service to others. Or, as she says, “Our outer guidance is less valuable than our inner compass.” We share what living as a leader means, how today’s youth can be leaders and how leadership has the ability to transform our lives and our world. Powerful, insightful and inspiring. Join us.


Episode 9 – Go Do It! –  Kevin Kelly – speaker, author, entrepreneur and man of action – August 5, 2014

Kevin Kelly is a leading authority on success principles of entrepreneurship, leadership, sales and motivation; he is an international speaker and best selling author (his latest book is DO! The Pursuit of Xceptional Execution). He and I talk about moving from thinking to doing – and what stops us from actually living our dreams. We tap into Kevin’s great knowledge to address how not to let fears stop us and how to focus on what matters to move forward. Dream it  – good. Face the fear and execute (do it!) – priceless. Brilliant and practical life information. Join us.


Episode 8 – The Power of Positivity – Robyn Stratton-Berkessel – positivity strategist, Appreciative Inquiry expert and TEDx speaker  – July 29, 2014

What is the best thing that has happened to you today?” Try asking this question to the people you meet today (at home and at work). What you have done is to refocus on the positive, engage them and openly value them; life changes for you and for them. This is the powerful wisdom shared by our guest Robyn Stratton-Berkessel in her recent TEDx Navesink talk, Playful Inquiry – Try This Anywhere. Robyn, an Appreciative Inquiry expert and a specialist in human and organizational development, is a positivity strategist, speaker, author, facilitator and story-teller. We share a conversation about how to reframe events with positive and empowering language to improve the way we communicate. This helps us see the greatness in ourselves and to encourage it in others. Her stories are amazing and her wisdom is powerful. Click here to check out her book, Appreciative Inquiry for Collaborative Solutions – 21 Strength-based Workshops.


Episode 7 – Learn From The Wisdom Of Others –  Amy Alcini – tennis pro, poet and spiritual teacher  – July 22, 2014

We share greatness quotes and wisdom and how the thoughts of others inspire our thinking and provides guidance for us to live as our best, most creative and greatest selves. We’ll also hear about how working on Marianne Williamson’s congressional campaign has connected Amy’s passion for politics with her spirituality and commitment to transforming our world into a better place.


Episode 6 – You Are, I Am A Weirdo – Embrace Your Freakness –  Frank Keck – certified speaking professional (CSP) and people whisperer  – July 16, 2014

Embrace what makes you amazing and unique. He is a master at helping each of us learn to discover who we are to help us find our place in life. His personal story and great sense of humor adds to his powerful greatness message.


Episode 5 – Women, Money, Success! –  Kim Ravida – certified business and lifestyle coach  – July 9, 2014

Disconnected and disappointed with the way life was playing out, Kim Ravida made some great changes that have opened her up to a most amazing life. Now, she combines her passion of helping women find their voices with business coaching to help women take powerful money actions and make solid productive business decisions that positively impact their lives.


Episode 4 – Find Your Bliss –  Christine Lewis – Yoga instructor extraordinaire and spiritual guide – July 2, 2014

Spiritual, wise and inspirational, Christine Lewis shares her perspectives of showing up whole, authentic and exceptional to the moments in life. She inspires those she connects with to own their space, be bold and connect with their greater inner being. Here wisdom will guide you, her spirit will empower you. Greatness is her standard.


Episode 3 – Never, Never, Never Give Up! –  Justin Browning – teacher and administrator – June 30, 2014

Justin Browning, growing up in housing project and in a life that had few options, Justin never allowed himself to give up. He kept focused on what could be instead of what was. Defying the odds, he not only made it into college, but continued to earn a Masters degree. He now uses his influence in the classroom to inspire students to never give up and to show up big to all they do.


Episode 2 – Greatness Parenting, Greatness Living –  Mike Mataluni of Kick Ass Dad – June 27, 2014

Mike Mataluni, a father of 3, foster parent and founder of Kick Ass Dad shares his greatness perspective about living meaningful lives and showing up as great dads to inspire our kids. Committed to transforming the world for ourselves and our kids, Mike has one standard – greatness. He is an inspiration for all of us.


Episode 1 – Introduction to The Greatness Zone Podcast – June 25, 2014

Coming from Jay’s best selling book, The Greatness Zone, this podcast makes the space for a constant conversation about how to your ourselves, know our world and connect the two to do more than just get by in life. Life is an adventure that needs us to show up as our best selves and ready for the ride. This episode introduces the podcast’s format, mission and direction.



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