Greatness Zone Coaching

Conventional life purpose coaching is a process to partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. A life coach is an important member of your big life team. 

Greatness Zone Coaching is a life coaching specialty that introduces clients in how to identify their unique abilities – talents, strengths and passions – and how to then connect them to meaningful and practical applications in work and life. This leads to life transformation as we connect to our purpose and potential. This coaching approach uses a proprietary process developed in The Greatness Zone® by certified life coach, Jay Forte.

Greatness Zone Coaching is life purpose coaching with an added feature – it includes a formal self-discovery and possibilities creation component to help you become clearer, faster, about who you are and how to best show up to your life.

Greatness Zone Coaching is effective for students over 16 years old, parents, executives, managers, employees, people in transition and all who want to discover and live their greatness, improve their personal and professional impact and live their potential. 

Why Should You Engage a Greatness Zone Coach?    

Today’s world requires that we know what we are good at, passionate about and what matters to us to be able to make meaningful and wise work and life decisions. The more we know ourselves and our unique abilities, the more we can watch for the applications in today’s world that need what we do best.

To access this information about ourselves, we have to learn to be present in a highly distracting world. Greatness Zone Coaches are trained to help others become more conscious and aware of who they really are, and to guide them through the blocks and challenges that stop their performance, goal achievement and happiness in life.

Many times, we need someone outside of ourselves to facilitate a new way to look at our view of life to consider critical improvements needed to maximize our personal and professional potential; this is your greatness coach.

Greatness Zone Coaching may be for you if:

  • You are searching for your purpose.
  • You are trying to identify what to do with your life (career, direction, marriage, beliefs, etc).
  • You feel stuck, blocked or challenged in a way you can’t seem to navigate around.
  • You are in a work or life transition (job change, retirement, college, divorce, parent, empty nest, financial challenges or windfall).
  • You are unsure of your unique abilities – your talents, strengths and passions.
  • You do not feel you are living or working at your potential.
  • Your sense of happiness, joy and wellbeing in life is not at the level you desire.
  • You find relationships, work or even life unfulfilling.

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GOLD Package (our REGULAR pace package) – 2  70-min sessions per month; 24-hour response time on all emails; occasional guidance phone calls between sessions (5-10 minutes); pricing $450/month, recommended commitment of 6 sessions or 3 months. 

PLATINUM Package (our ACCELERATED pace package) – 4  60-minute sessions per month; unlimited emails; phone calls as needed (5-10 minutes); pricing – $775/ month, recommended commitment of 8 sessions or 2 months.  

Greatness Zone Coaching has successfully helped our clients

  • Discover jobs that fit their abilities and interests.
  • Learn how to choose the right college major and how to use their college career to be ready for life.
  • Learn how to develop their own voices to be more courageous in saying what they want in life and living the life they want.
  • Become more aware of the attributes they want in their relationships.
  • Discover where they fit in work and in life.
  • Become more  non-judgmental in all of their relationships.
  • Identify the blocks that keep their performance at good when it could be great.
  • Become more present, aware, and observant in life.

The Greatness Zone Coaching process is a life-time tool to help us always live and work in a way the brings our best to our world – to do what we do best and transform our world.

Our mission is to help people live extraordinary lives  by discovering and living their greatness, then inspiring greatness in others. Greatness Zone Coaching is one of our many ways to achieve this mission.

To find out more or to get started with Greatness Zone Coaching, contact Jay Forte.

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