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Our vision is to inspire each of us to discover and live our personal sense of greatness, then help others do the same. Our mission is to provide practical tools, workshops, books and resources to help make this happen. This page shares some of the impact we are having in implementing this vision and mission – of helping people know themselves, find their fit and transform our world.
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Rev. Dr. Nathan Swenson-Reinhold | 12-18-13

Every human being has a purpose, one described by St. Paul in Ephesians 2 as “good works.” We are put here to have an impact on creation that is good, and beautiful, and true. But to have the best impact, the world (and God) needs us to know and live from the space where our … Continue reading

Promise Yourself | 1-9-11
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Finding My Greatness Zone

(JF note: I am pleased to share this wonderful and sincere report from a student who read the Greatness Zone and wanted to share her perspective with her class. Thank you for sharing this – Francesca in FL.) The occasion that changed my life interminably caught me like I was stuck in the spotlight. I … Continue reading

Dr. Larthenia Howard

The message in The Greatness Zone is so compelling and identifiable. As I followed the unfolding story between Michael and Mary, I too was unveiling a part of me in which I was out of touch. It is amazing to know the difference a few impactful reflective questions can make in and on your life. As I paused to give provoking … Continue reading

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