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The Fire Up! Your Employee website is transitioning over to its new site. Until it is ready, here is a summary of the Fire Up! tools, coaching and workshops available to help your managers coach well, employees perform well and customers become loyal. Contact Jay Forte to find out more about these and other programs around hiring, employee engagement, shifting from managing to coaching, advancing performance through mindfulness and employee performance improvement plans.




#1 Focus: TALENT

Workshop: How to Attract and Hire the Right Employee

This workshop is a hands-on, intensive 2-day program that trains your HR and managers how to define the role (talents, skills, experience, education), source and advertise for it, interview well and on-board successfully. This introduces the Fire Up! process that includes defining the behaviors of the job to then be able to assess candidate’s behavioral fit to improve hiring. This workshop is brought to your organization, or can be shared with other organizations and uses the Fire Up! Your Employees Manual.


Workshop: Build the Bond – How to Engage and Retain Top Talent

This workshop is a hands-on, intensive 20day program that trains your managers how to shift from managing to coaching to be more effectively engage and inspire employees from all generations – align, personalize, customize and develop. Supported by the Gallup Organization’s leadership, this workshop introduces the tools of  Job Sculpting, Setting Performance Expectations, Providing Performance Feedback and Hosting Career Conversations. This workshop uses the Fire Up! Your Employees manual.

#3 Focus: Performance and (Customer) Service

Workshop: GUTS (Guaranteed Unconventional Total Service)

This half day to full day workshop designed for both management and employees. It introduces how to define and create a service vision (goal), assess current service levels, and how to build a plan from current levels to the service goal. Interactive, fun and high-energy.



Workshop: Scaling Up – Next Stage Business Growth

This one or two day workshop includes strategic planning, innovation and culture development – the foundations to direct future significant organizational growth. This workshop includes one-on-one leadership coaching.

Contact Jay Forte for more information or to schedule your workshop.



C-level (Executive) and Leaderships Coaching

Greatness Zone Coaching provides a skill-based coaching process that includes a focus on self-awareness (abilities, interested, values, energy, emotion, balance) along with the fundamentals of coaching (to be able to engage and inspire others to achieve their potential). Though all coaching is customized around each client’s specific needs, this unique approach to coaching starts first with core skills that allow clients to build solutions on their strengths – solutions that are sustainable and are high-impact.

Contact Jay Forte for more information about bringing personalized coaching to you and your team.

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