Become A Greatness Zone Certified Instructor

At The Greatness Zone, we are passionate about teaching our workshops to have a direct, meaningful and profound effect on people’s ┬álives. Our programs help learners know themselves, know their world to find their fit – to be able to create meaningful life possibilities, discover their personal greatness (potential) and become a leader of their own lives.

We are committed to expanding the reach of our tools by training others to be certified Greatness Zone instructors.

We have created an instructor certification process for each of the workshops that we present to the public. This trains you in not only the core and proprietary self and world-discovery processes, but also in how to teach others, coach learners and become involved with a powerful community of passionate instructors, focused on a greatness message.

We are now teaching certifications in the following workshop programs. Click on each for greater details including the training summary by day, cost and other important information. You can become certified in as many programs as you choose. Talk to us about our discount for multiple certifications.

Life Possibilities

College Connections


The Mindful Manager

The Present Parent

The Conscious Couple

The Victorious Veteran

The Resourceful Retiree

At The Greatness Zone, we share our materials with instructors through a licensing process. Those looking for certification and the rights to use the tools, manuals, assessments and other resources in any of the programs will be required to do the following:

  1. Attend the select program’s hands-on live instructor training (our courses are hosted in Orlando, FL and are either 2 or 3 days depending on the program).
  2. Participate fully in the live program, pass the written program exam and teach one segment of the program – this creates the certification.
  3. Agree to using the exclusive authorized training materials available for purchase at discounted instructor rate (instructors have the ability to resell materials up to market rate).
  4. Pay an annual licensing fee to continue using, teaching or sharing the information, process or tools in any Greatness Zone certified instructor program.
  5. Participate in monthly support calls and webinars, access to white papers, teaching aids and new materials.
  6. Qualify for a referral fee for any person who completes the certification process in any program.

Contact Jay Forte for more information about certification – its expectations, offerings and benefits. Reach Jay at

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