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Push Your Limits

Written by: | Monday, September 29th, 2014

Sometimes you choose to test your limits; sometimes life tests them for you.

You choose to test your limits when you volunteer for a project that will require the best in you, face your fear and ride a wave, jump from a plane or go mountain climbing, leave home to study for a year in a foreign country, train for a marathon or triathlon. Some choose this, most don’t. We live within the limits we have already defined – nothing more.

Life tests your limits when you discover you have cancer, lose your job because your company is closing, hear that your spouse no longer wants to stay married, or your parent, friend, colleague or child dies. You find yourself in pushed past limits you have defined – limits that you would never had tested if life didn’t force you to test them.

Most of us are afraid of limits. We create our comfort zone by defining our limits – and as long as we stay within what we have defined, life seems fine. We get comfortable and in this comfort, we don’t regularly test our edges – to see how much more we can do, be or impact. This is how so many of us play small. We get comfortable, we stop testing, we stop dreaming – we miss out.

Our brain says, “stay safe, play small.” Life says, “go for it, go big, dream big, live fully.” How do we reconcile these two messages? Attention and courage.

I think that life sends us its challenges to help us see that we have the  abilities and courage to challenge our limits. We can see that when we are confronted with difficult things we would never have chosen – we can and do survive – we can come through them stronger, wiser and braver. We learn that many of our limits are truly imaginary – they seem alive and powerful in our minds until we test them and see that they vanish. 

Each of us has the right stuff to be able to not only make it through life, but to succeed. We have unique abilities, strengths and passions to be able to show up big to life’s events when they are given to us, and passions to help us want to go out and find the ones that move our spirit, engage our hearts, move us to act.

Don’t fear challenges – they help move our limits. The saying goes, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” It truly does – it is the place where what seemed scary and too much is now perceived as yet another opportunity to test what we know and what we are capable of. This allows us to constantly connect in to ourselves and discover that we are all pretty amazing.

So, what do I want most for you? I want you to be feel bold enough to handle what life sends you – the tough stuff. And from that, I want you to see that you should regularly push you limits to discover how more capable you are. Then, with that information, dream more, invent larger and go for a greater version of life than the one you used to do.

Set your sights on living life without fear, trying new things and always learning more about what is and what isn’t for you. This clarity helps you find your road in life – it helps you see a greater and more significant version of life could be yours. After all, life isn’t a dress rehearsal – this one matters. Push your limits – move them further out and experience more of life that just became available. Then, when ready, push those limits again…

How are you testing your limits to show up to the greatest, best and most creative life you could have?

Be sure to listen to this week’s amazing Greatness Zone podcast with the inspirational and wise Jim Skinner, who shares the tests life has sent his way and how he has used them to push past his limits. And contact me if you are ready for coaching to help you identify and move past your life’s limits.

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