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Show Up. Tune In. Pay Attention.

Written by: | Monday, August 25th, 2014

Everything we need to be successful in the next moment of life comes from what we learn from this moment. So, the more conscious, mindful, attentive and intentional we are to watching and learning from our world, the more we see opportunities and possibilities that allow us to soar. It’s the same for work or life. Information is the key to knowing how to live a great, happy and joyful life – information about you, information about your world.

Most of us are not very present. In fact, we are actually pretty mindless. We do and say things without thinking. You see a friend come in soaking wet and we say, “Is it raining out?” We put clothes on the check out counter at a store and the clerk says, “Do you want to buy these?” We walk into doors and trip over sidewalks. We spend an hour with a friend and the same question we asked 20 minutes earlier, forgetting we asked it already. We meet someone at an event and immediately forget his name. Our bodies are here but our minds are elsewhere.

What does it take to really pay attention? Intention. We have to let our minds know we are in charge and to take control and be intentional about paying attention. In a world of so many distractions, we are constantly pulled in all directions. To pay attention we must mean to tune in. It takes effort. It takes focus.

Let’s practice.

The next time you are in a conversation with someone you care about (you can also do this with someone you don’t know, but start with someone you do know), pay full attention. Notice their body language. Listen for their tone, inflection and volume. Listen and watch for details. Notice things about them that you hadn’t noticed before. Do this and you will expand the information you gather. You will create a greater connection.

More practice.

The next time you read something, tune it to it. As you read a paragraph, page or chapter, close the book (turn off the device) and recap what you just read. Talk it through. Allow your mind to connect to what you just shared with it. Notice it. Do this and you will expand the information you gather and retain.

Our world is filled with information. We move through much of it unaware and inattentive; most of it passes us without any ability for us to be better, wiser or more informed. We miss our lives. We miss our relationships. We miss our ability to contribute at work. That is a lot of running in place.

To tune in, we have to be aware and make awareness a priority; what we intend happens. This means we must constantly catch ourselves drifting away, not paying attention. When we notice, we simply remind ourselves by saying, “tune in.”

By increasing your ability to be present, what new information would you have access to that could improve the choices for the next moment? How will that change how you connect with others, build possibilities, enjoy your world and have a greater life? For more information on connecting to the information of life, be sure to listen to this week’s Greatness Zone Podcast with John Spence. He is a master at tuning in and learning from his world.

Show up. Tune in. Pay attention. Gather information.

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