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Who Are You Wearing?

Written by: | Monday, June 10th, 2013

The big award shows – the Emmys, the Oscars, etc. – crack me up. Though they are ideally celebrating the accomplishments and work of artists, they start the evening with the superficial, “who are you wearing?”

All the fanfare about who is wearing whose gowns and tuxes, who looks amazing and who will be called out by the fashion police (thank you Joan Rivers). Entire shows, newspaper articles and magazine covers are dedicated to who looks marvelous and who doesn’t. In fact, talking with many people, they watch for this more than for the celebration of talent.

The outside is never more valuable than inside.

When we were kids and we would complain about something on our “exterior” – long arms, Italian nose, unruly hair – Mom would take us to the mirror and tell us, “Look deeper. What do you see underneath the exterior? What talents, strengths and passions are part of the deeper and true you? What makes you unique, amazing – awesome? What are you the best at and how can you bring this into your life and your world?”

The outside is the container for what really matters – our gold – who we are and what gifts we have. In that tone, here are two of the stanzas from my new poem, You’re Great and You’re Awesome, Just As You Are (to be released soon):

For greatness is not in brown hair or blond. 

Greatness is not in how our words sound.

Greatness is not on our outside – our skin.

Greatness, true greatness, always happens within.


We just can’t know how great you can become

By looking at hair color. That’s crazy, that’s dumb.

Down deep we’re amazing and awesome and bold.

Down deep is our value, our treasure, our gold.”

 We can’t see the inside by only looking at the outside. The only way to connect to what really matters about ourselves is to discover what is on the inside. We must look deeper. What gifts and abilities are unique to us? What passions, interests and values define the TrueYou, not the You-On-View?

It is wonderful to take time on our outward appearance. After all, this is how we introduce ourselves to the world.  However, for every minute we spend on the exterior, we should spend ten times that on the interior – discovering our unique abilities and developing our personal inventory of talents, strengths and passions. These are what we will use to make it through life – to make great decisions that fit who we are and how we can connect our best to the world.

So, who are you wearing? Why, you of course. What is your personal style that shares your interior with the world? Know what makes you unique and amazing. Then wear that so the TrueYou is the one you constantly share with the world. As the poem says, Greatness, true greatness, always happens within.

Good news should always be share and knowing your inventory of your unique amazing abilities is really good news. Please share this with someone who can benefit from it. And contact me to find out how coaching and the tools on the Greateness Zone can help you discover your TrueYou so you can make great work and life decisions.


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