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Don’t Settle

Written by: | Monday, June 24th, 2013

So many of us settle. We take whatever life gives us and think that is all there is. We settle for average relationships, average employees, average service and average products.

Remember the movie Network where William Holden yells out the window, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”? So, what would it take for us to have this reaction? Life’s too big to play small – so what would it take to end playing small?

I find an attitude of settling in the workplace. Some employees pack their brains when they pack their lunches and show up committed to doing great things; others do just enough not to get fired. There are some employees who treasure the job, and show up better, braver, more creative, more authentic and greater. These are the people who belong on your team – not the average ones.

I find an attitude of settling in coffee shops, in restaurants and in hotels. The understaffing that makes us wait, the dirty silverware or the wrong order delivered without apology. Showing up powerfully and with a great attitude is a personal standard. But so many places think we will just overlook their average approach – that it is okay for us to settle.

I find an attitude of settling with college kids. When given the opportunity to step up and stand out, few read the extra resources, attend the extra seminars, create internships and demand more from their colleges. Few make the college work for them as they create a roadmap to be ready for life. Just get by is what many of they openly admit they want from college.

I find the real reason people settle is they don’t care. I recently asked a waitress why she gave me dirty silverware. She told me that she would just get me new ones. I asked why she didn’t check before she gave them to me. She shrugged. It didn’t matter to her. So I’ll tell you her tip didn’t matter to me.

I am by nature a very forgiving and accommodating person. And for most of my life this has allowed others to give me whatever they want – and I generally accept it. Well maybe I have finally had enough of this average mentality; now I refuse to settle.

Core to the Greatness Zone approach is a call for all of us to see that we have the capacity to do more than just show up to every event in our lives. We can be average or great. We can be ordinary or extraordinary. We get to choose. We can choose to show up and deliver our best – to our customers, clients, friends and families. And then we should then expect the same back from them – that they don’t make us settle.

Raise your standard – no settling and nothing done in an average way. Live to your word. Have integrity. Actually care. Commit to doing more than enough. Deliver it and expect it.

Find your voice when someone gives you “average” and ask for something better. Share why it is important. See if others realize that they were making you settle. And if they change – great. If not, take your business, support, care, attention or even love to those who care and do great things. It is your choice.

Good news should always be shared and choosing never to settle for average from yourself or others is good news. Please share this with someone who can benefit from it. And contact me to learn how to get into your Greatness Zone can help you define your standard and raise the standard everywhere. Let’s do this together and change things.

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