Born Awesome

Written by: | Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

This is a poem written by TJ Schneider, a teen from Boca Raton, FL and a 2013 RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Assembly) delegate


“Believe in yourself for no one else will.”

Every single one of us is here for a purpose;

We are not seat fillers.

Although there will be pricks in the world that will tell you otherwise,

Take the time to realize who you are and what you can achieve.

We fear that we will become outcasts of society if we fail.

But all we have to fear is what could happen if you don’t try.

If you don’t try, you never know, you could miss out on love and happiness.

Each of our minds is as bright as diamonds;

It just depends on how you cut it, to use it.

We don’t need chances in life, life itself is our chance.

We could make it great and appreciate all that we have.

Sitting in a lodge so you can dodge the snow during you winter vacation.

Eating a box of chocolates with friends by the fire.

Or you could let it fail, and it will grow stale as you sit on the curb.

Drinking an old can of ale.

Each one of is as powerful as Superman.

But instead of kryptonite,

Our weakness is fear.

Reach for the stars.

Because you can’t have what you don’t reach for.

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