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Right Here, Right Now

Written by: | Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

I was walking the dog last night and was struck by how it has become just another task for me, another line item on my to do list. Normally, walking the dog means we get right to business; I still have so many things I want to do before locking up and turning out the lights. But last night was different. There was a clear night sky with a beautiful crescent moon, and there was something between a breeze and a wind, a warm, steady flow that moved the palms and trees in almost a melodic way. The jasmine and ylang-ylang trees in the neighborhood were exceptionally fragrant and there was a calming quiet.

In that moment, I was struck by the “here and now.” There were so many sounds and smells, the sky seemed so big and the wind was so warm; everything around me was teeming with information for my senses. Sight, hearing, smell, touch and even taste were providing information about the salty warm, melodic, fragrant night air. For the first time in a long time I was really present during my walk with the dog.

I know I have a tendency to move quickly through the things I add to my to do list. I was raised in a family of doers – to do lists are an important part of my identity. I come from a productive, performance family that spent time on New Year’s resolutions, weekend chore lists and action plans for life. Keep moving. Keep learning. Keep checking things off the list. This is something I’m really good at, just ask anyone in my family. They know I live by my lists.

But that doesn’t mean I need to just get things done. What I realized on that beautiful Florida evening was that each of my tasks could be an event in and of itself.

Right here, right now is amazing. Being in the moment is the greatest gift we are given, and it is the greatest gift we can give. To be present in this moment allows us to see and experience everything going on in our world. Our five senses become our connection to the majesty of an amazing planet, where we connect with thousands of years of history, wonder, dreams and adventures, as well as the other 7 billion people on the planet. There is something magical about this. This is greatness in its best form.

When we are present, we can connect with others in a way unlike any other. Instead of trying to do seven things at once, focus intently on another person. This not only allows you to connect with them, but also shows them that they are valuable and important.

So when your kids want to talk, put things down and go spend time with them. When your employees want to share an idea with you, don’t sort through emails. When your spouse or partner is sharing a story about his day, go sit next to him and take it all in. The checklist will still be there, there will always be something else that needs to get done. But in this moment, by being right here, right now, you connect with your world in a more profound way. You connect with others in a more sincere way. The quality of your life, and theirs, is changed.

Life, I am slowly learning, is not about having a checklist. Rather, it is about enjoying the things we put on that list. Don’t be in a rush to get things done. Love everything you do and make enjoying each task just as important as getting it done.

How will you choose to use your five senses to be more present in each event and in the process, be right here, right now?

Great news should always be shared and knowing how to be fully present in an amazing world is really great news. Please share this with someone who can benefit from it. And contact me to learn how our Greatness Zone programs and Greatness Coaching have tools to help you become more present and mindful, to be more connected to each moment of your life.

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