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Where Does Your Life’s GPS Take You?

Written by: | Monday, March 11th, 2013

I love Starbucks – I just love rich, dark-roasted coffee. So when I travel, one of first things I check for is the nearest Starbucks. I love being able to enter “Starbucks” in my GPS and have it clearly and easily help me navigate in any unfamiliar territory my way to my goal – a venti, iced americano. There are many things to see on the way – so if I decide to stop in at a garden shop, art studio or farmer’s market, the GPS will get me right back on my route and I will get to my americano. Yum.

We were born with a built-in life GPS. It is our unique abilities – our talents, strengths, passions and dreams. These give us the information to be able to navigate happily and successfully in life. And like my trips to Starbucks, I frequently see things that are not on my route that I want to stop for. Life gives us distractions and challenges – but always reminds us of our road. It will always be clear to us if we know ourselves and what matters to us. If not, we find ourselves on someone else’s road. That is what happened to me…

In my mid-thirties I had several big personal events that knocked me off my road. Actually, it knocked me off the road I was on – but that wasn’t really my road. I had let others in my life tell me how to live and so I was traveling on a road that had nothing to do with me, and everything to do with them.

Things look foreign when you travel on another’s road. You can’t quite describe it but you feel unhappy, confused, depressed and out of place. I used to say that life was like a shirt that didn’t fit quite right. It was always uncomfortable. And though I didn’t ever think life was supposed to be like that, I didn’t know how to change it – or that my inability to own my life, stand up for myself and make my own life’s decisions was the cause for the confusion and pain. The big events on this road didn’t matter to me. The adventures on this road weren’t adventures for me. I felt like a stranger in my own life.

So in a moment of courage I changed several very significant things about my life that moved me off the wrong road to an entirely new one. Almost immediately, after trying to get over the shock of changing so many significant things about my life, I began to see that though this road was different, I was actually on a road where things looked familiar. I instantly knew where I was and how to navigate. The events on this road connected with me. The adventures and dreams on this road matched mine. This road made sense to me; I could see a great wide road expand in front of me – something I could never see on the other road. That road was always foggy – always cloudy. Here, it all made sense. And once you get on the right road, you move ahead in a meaningful way – life is as it should be – great. And even though some tried to tell me to switch back to the other road, I had the courage to stay on my road – I knew which one was mine.

Our unique abilities are our GPS – our guidance that has the right stops, adventures and lessons on it. Our road is right for us. Get on to someone else’s road and nothing looks familiar. Nothing seems right. Nothing fits. It is supposed to be this way so we know when we are not on our road.

We have been given these to help us navigate this complicated thing called life. And when we turn down the wrong road, we should listen for the guidance – “recalculating.” It is trying to send us a message that we are moving away from our best road. We should follow its advice. We should trust our internal guidance. If we listen, it will tell us how to proceed. I have found in my many years it never lets me down. It does require that we turn down the noise to be able to hear its guidance. Like in the car with radio blaring, though the GPS may have some great advice to keep you on your road, we can’t hear it. And if we can’t hear it, we can’t benefit from its wisdom.

So, where does your life’s GPS take you? What guidance do your talents, strengths, passions and dreams give you? And are you on the right road? If not, what do you want to do about it?

Great news should always be shared and learning how to tune into your built-in GPS is really great news. Please share this with someone who can benefit from it. And contact me to learn how Greatness CoachingThe Greatness Zone book and the great new programs at The Greatness Zone can reconnect you to your internal GPS – to learn how to trust your talents, strengths, dreams and desires – because they are your clues to navigate a great and happy life.

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