Greatness and Detox – Do They Mix?

Written by: | Thursday, March 14th, 2013

This post is from Kate Forte, a senior at AZ State University, majoring in Tourism Development Management.

In order to be great, to be on top of your game, you really need to be healthy in both body and mind. When you don’t feel well, you can’t focus on the things that need time, effort and energy. And this became all too real to me this winter as the latest virus or cold passed through the office and always seemed to land on my desk. I knew I needed to do something to help me not only feel good, but to keep myself from feeling anything short of amazing! I was stuck – stuck in a rut.

So I started researching detoxes. I’m young. I’m told I’m supposed to try new experiences because, well, now is the time to. Never having done a detox before, I figured, why not? So, for the benefit of you readers, here is my tale:

It all started by researching detoxes I found through searches on Pinterest and Google. Believe it or not, the research I did made me excited to actually try one. Knowing that I love food too much to do anything too extreme, I grabbed one of my friends from work to do it with me. You know, buddy system!

After researching ingredients, results and benefits, we decided on Dr. Oz’s 3-day detox. We divided the ingredients to purchase and swore to each that no matter how bad it was, we-would-do-it. So it began.

Day One:  We both arrived to work early to use the blender without bothering the office. We followed the recipe more closely than any we’ve ever followed before.  With the breakfast drink as the “favorite” drink of the detox, we were anxious to try it. Raspberries dropped in one by one, followed by some spinach, a banana and almond butter. We eagerly awaited the final result as the ingredients mixed together. But when we shut that blender off, and poured our first drink into our cups, the excitement seemed to melt out of the air. But there was no backing down. We toasted to the occasion and downed half of the drink. We made eye contact mid-sip and, realizing we shared the same though, we cracked up: there is no way ingesting only these drinks for three days would actually happen.

Drink #2, i.e. “lunch,” was said to be the worst, so we both were dreading the moment the clock would strike noon. When it did, we gathered the ingredients for the clearly unappetizing lunch drink. Fighting tears—literally—we toasted to bikini bodies and plugged our nose.

“The worst” is an understatement. But we both checked it off of our list and said “2 down, 1 to go”

Unfortunately, the dinner drink was likely going to be the hardest to get through, since we would be making the concoctions at home rather than at work together.  The hard part is not finishing the disgusting drinks; it’s avoiding the temptation of real food.

Just one day on a detox steers you away from the sugar, caffeine and carbs we consume on a daily basis. Your body craves and wants what it is use to, especially something as addictive as chocolate or coffee, so after drink #2, I got crabby and irritable. I just wanted to put on sweat pants and curl up with a bag of chips. And this exact feeling is why I needed a partner for this challenge (Buddy System!). She kept telling me that the end results will be so worth it, that we spent so much money on the ingredients, we can’t let it go to waste.  She knew what I needed to hear and we moved forward to day two.

Day Two:  So about that detox… There were lots of fruits and vegetables involved, but no slimy, chunky drinks.  Day one, and all done. We stopped. It wasn’t that it was too hard, it just wasn’t the right way for us.

The way I look at this scenario is that I made an attempt to be healthier, to feel better, all in hopes of achieving greatness. But I soon realized falling asleep with a growling stomach and gagging in between sips of the detox recipes just isn’t my thing. There are thousands of other ways to achieve good health and still feel good.

Rather than ditching the drinks and going straight for burgers and fries, we kept up the healthy eating with all our drinks ingredients, separate rather than combined, and made a workout schedule for the rest of the month.

Point of this detox? being healthy is one of the key components to greatness, happiness and contentment. There are millions of options out there for us to look and feel great, and let me tell you first hand, detox’s are not for everyone. So find your thing – the thing that gives you the energy to approach everything with a greatness, not average, approach. Get out of your ruts – those things we get stuck in. Challenge the things you do to see if you can find a better or a “greater” way.

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