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Go For Bold!

Written by: | Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

You were born awesome. I love saying that. I love seeing people’s faces when they hear it. It isn’t just to say something flattering – it is the truth. Science, religion and philosophy rarely agree, but they all agree that we each are born with unique and amazing abilities – gifts. In other words, we are born awesome.

We have the hardwiring to be amazing. I like to think that we have been each given a blank canvas – intentionally left blank – ready for great art – our great art. What do we do with our canvas? Leave it blank or fill it with colors, textures and anything else we can think of, dream about and want. Here is where choice comes in.

It is up to each of us to discover what we have as unique abilities – talents, strengths and passions – these are our art supplies. The more we access these, the more choices we have to fill our canvas in with the things that matter to us. Our work is more vibrant, more energetic and more passionate. We customize the canvas – so it is not like any other’s. It represents who we are. Is yours filled with color or still basically blank?

You’ve been given the canvas, here are some ways to add the paint:

1. Start small. Dabble in things until you discover more about yourself. What do you love, what are you passionate about, what are you good at? Talk to your family, take a talent and performance assessment, or remember back to when you were a kid. These are all ways of gently getting reacquainted to who you are. Test things. Add a little paint and see how it feels. Starting slowly and small helps to build your courage to eventually be bold and daring with how you paint (how you live your life).

2. Challenge your comfort zone. Many times the reason we don’t add much color to our canvas is we are afraid to try. We are told what we should add to the painting and we believe others that that is all it should be. The sky is blue, the grass is green, the sun is yellow. What if in your view none of these are true. Tell yourself that everything you learned should be questioned. Are you blazing a trail or following the crowd? Challenge everything to find out what is true for you.

3. Go for bold. You know that great quote about ships – “Ships are safe in the harbor, but that is not what ships are for.” The same goes for us. People are safe when they hide, fit in and live small (don’t use much paint) – but that not what life is about. When you are ready, grab the big paints – the bold colors. Cover every inch of the canvas with something that moves you and inspires you. Do it when you are ready, but try not to wait. Life goes by quickly. The sooner you get to it, the bolder your paints are and the more amazing your life is.

We each have been given a blank canvas. The gift is that it is blank, waiting for us to choose how to create a masterpiece. What we make of it is entirely up to each of us. What work do we choose? Who do we love? Where do we live? What do we enjoy? How do we choose to live? These are the ways we create color on our canvas. These choices build our lives our way.

Choice – it is a powerful thing. Not everyone on the planet gets this. So, don’t give away your power of choice – of living life your way. It is through these choices that we add the most amazing color to our life portraits.

What will you paint today? (Hint: go for bold.)

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