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Every Breath You Take – A Valentine’s Message

Written by: | Monday, February 11th, 2013

We celebrate Valentine’s Day this week. It is a great idea to celebrate love. After all, what we all want in life is to be happy, to love and to be loved.

I know celebrations like Valentine’s Day are not really about a day’s celebration – rather they are a reminder that we should celebrate life’s important things each day. So I thought a better way to remember the message of Valentine’s Day would be to use the phrase, “every breath you take.”

Love and breathing should go together, meaning, as we don’t even think about breathing, so we shouldn’t even think about love – it should just be our attitude and approach with everyone we meet.

So what would your world – the world – look like if love were part of every breath we took?

• At work, how would our interactions change if we honestly cared about and loved the people we worked with? (Remember the word “namaste” means “the divine in me acknowledges the divine in you.” In other words, we are born amazing – there is something divine in each of us – and we deserve to be loved just because of who we are, not because of what we do.) How could this change how we connect with our colleagues?

• At home, how could we show that we love, depend on, care about and value those with whom we live through choice or circumstance? We are connected with the people in our lives to learn and share – how could a more loving approach increase both the learning and the sharing?

• On the highway, at the mall and at the store, how could we be more accommodating, patient, respectful and aware of others (all of these are signs of love)? How could this impact others and then inspire them pass it on to others?

The funning thing about love is that the more you give, the more you get.

Think of how changing your approach with people to one that is openly kind, respectful and loving changes how others respond to you. You do get what you give.

Society loves for us to think some days are more valuable than others and calls them holidays. But celebrating mothers, fathers, faith, family, thanks, love and inspirational people should happen all the time – like the breath we take – it should be our approach to each day and each moment. These are life reminders. And when we remember them, we are better.

So as we are guided to buy chocolates, roses, champagne or other symbols of love, what if instead, we simply used Valentine’s Day this year as the first day of a changed attitude about love.What if we made a commitment as our Valentine’s gift to the people in our lifes that we would be more aware, more kind, more responsive and more accepting? Love – it does a body good.

Save the money and make an internal change to show up differently. Make yourself – your attitude and your responses – be the gift. Think of love as like a breath, it is always present. With this approach, it will be part of everything you do – all the time. Happy Valentine’s Year.

Great news should always be shared and committing to bringing love into your life in a larger and more significant way is great news. Please share this with 5 of your friends or family members who can benefit from it (this is how ideas can change our world). See the new and improved Greatness Zone website, new programs, seminars, other tools and some great life advice to help you connect to your greatness and amp up the love in your life.

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