New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Expire

Written by: | Monday, January 14th, 2013

This post is from Kate Forte, a senior at AZ State College, majoring in Tourism Development Management.

Before the clock strikes midnight on the last day of December each year, many people take some time to think about what they want to accomplish, change or create for themselves over the next 12 months. Some even go so far as to write it down. But why does the stroke of midnight have to initiate the change we want to see?

Each day gives us a fresh start, a new opportunity and a chance to accomplish what we set our minds to.  Think back to the list you made or goals you wanted to achieve two, three, maybe even five years ago. Did you check any of those goals off your list? If not, why did you not accomplish what was written down, and why have you not tried again?

One of my favorite words is “priority.” As a college senior, I have a hectic schedule – I have to prioritize what is the most important and effective to me or things just don’t get done. I kissed a social life goodbye my sophomore year of college to work full time—with a full course load—and looking back, I would not have it any other way. It was my choice. And a great one. By making work and school my priorities, I have not one, but two, of the most amazing jobs, and I have my mid-year resolution to thank for that.

December 31 is not a deadline, or a day to try again on another resolution list. It’s simply another day to focus on what makes you great and use it to go out and achieve your goals.

So now it’s your turn. Make a list today, a list that includes past, present and future goals. It’s not time sensitive list, you will not turn into a pumpkin at midnight, and your prince charming, well, he’ll still be your prince charming.  Here are your rules:

  • Do this for you.
  • Be selfish.
  • Take your time.
  • Think about what you are great at and be sure to build on these abilities.
  • Think what will truly make you happy, not just in the moment, but down the road.

Remember, greatness is how to approach your day. Each day is a steppingstone for what we wish to create. Your resolutions are not perishable items, but rather a list to make a more happy you.

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