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Life’s Too Big To Play Small

Written by: | Monday, January 14th, 2013

I was traveling this week – two trips. Airports are wonderful places to people watch. Sometimes, all I see is the frenetic running in all directions. But today was different. Something big was going on. Let me tell you what I mean.

At virtually every turn I met, saw or spoke with someone who was actively involved in a big life – big events, big work, big relationships, or big opportunities. (As a greatness speaker and coach, I am always watching for those who choose to play full out – because life’s too big to play small).

Here are some of whom I met while traveling :

I passed a girls’ sports team that moved as one through the airport carrying a trophy larger than any of them. Excited, passionate and animated are great words but all were too small to describe their energy and presence. Life’s too big to play small.

I sat next to a writer who shared that he had just submitted a manuscript to a literary agent after nearly 3 years of versions, drafts and countless hours of writing. His commitment to his craft was inspiring and engaging. He had a story in him that had to be told – and talked about two more novels in the works. His energy was electrifying. Life’s too big to play small.

I sat behind an expectant mom who was traveling with her 3-year daughter. The entire flight was filled with stories, music, sounds and hugs. This child was embraced with amazing support, attention, love and focus. Life’s too big to play small.

I watched an older couple move slowly through the seating area and eventually settled in the two chairs just down from mine. The husband took great care to put his wife’s sweater over her shoulders and held her hand. The way they looked at each other made me smile. They caught me smiling and shared that they have been married 57 years and had decided to celebrate by traveling on their first plane trip ever to visit family and friends. Life’s too big to play small.

I was fortunate to be on the plane with a flight attendant who chose to sing our FAA safety instructions instead of blandly reciting them. This same flight attendant found time to chat with every passenger and share stories while serving beverages and passing out snacks. We gave her an ovation when we landed. Life’s too big to play small.

And all this just happened in the airport and on the planes. It is there if you watch for it –  and you choose to be part of it. Life has the plusses to help us celebrate. It has the minuses to help us grow. In either case, it is great.

We each choose how we show up to everything in our lives. How do you choose to show up to a life that is too big to play small?

So, dream big. Share what you think. Love fully. Be accountable. Make a difference. Invent something amazing. Be intentional. Applaud others. Try everything. Inspire soneone. Be grateful.

No matter what is going on there is always more right with life than wrong with it. And that, to me, is always the reason to remember that life’s too big to play small – ever.

Good news should always be shared and realizing that it is our choice to see and celebrate our great life is good news. Please share this with someone who can benefit from it. And contact me to learn more about how Greatness and Life Coaching, and our new Greatness Zone Programs (watch for news in the next 2 weeks on our 4 new live and teleclass programs), can help reconnect you to playing full out in life.

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