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What Would Add Value and Make a Difference?

Written by: | Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

In great workplace job interviewing, the goal is to ask powerful questions that not only look to observe and assess the candidate’s talents, strengths and passions (all of which influence performance), but to ask questions that assess how that candidate would add value and make a difference in your workplace.

This focus is meaningful for all of us in life. Do we check in and ask ourselves (before we make choices) about how what we decide will add value and make a difference to who we are, our life and the lives of others?

When we realize that we are not here just for ourselves – but that we have an obligation to make decisions that support our world as well – we can improve the quality of what we decide by considering what would add value and make a difference.

Here are several examples:

• You have a bag of trash in the car (thank you for not throwing the trash out the window). In the bag includes cans, coffee cups, plastic wrappers, etc. Recycling what can be recycled so it doesn’t end up in a landfill is choice and a way to add value and make a difference.

• There is someone at work (or at school) that can be a little irritating and as a result, is regularly the brunt of comments and jokes. Refusing not to participate in criticizing or making fun of another is a choice and a way to add value and make a difference for that person.

• You watch a fellow employee struggle with a computer application. Technology comes easy to you; you can choose to add value and make a difference with your fellow employee by spending some time showing how to use the application.

One of the best things about each of us having unique abilities – talents, strengths and passions – I call this our Greatness Factor – is that it prepares us to respond in our way to events and people in our world. We have opportunity after opportunity to connect what we do best (or an important part of who we are) to something our world (and the people in it) needs – something that may be just for us to do.

There are places everywhere in our lives where we have the opportunity and ability to step into our true selves to add value and make a difference. It can be in the kindness or empathy we offer others, in using one of our talents to make their day or life better, easier or more successful, or to offer an idea that improves things for everyone. And at the core of all of these is the choice.

So, what guides your choices? What thinking do you use as you approach all the events of your day?

Add value and make a difference. We require it in the workplace. What if we required it of ourselves in life? Imagine how it would change our choices and the world we could create.

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