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Life – Does It Make You Bitter or Better?

Written by: | Monday, December 3rd, 2012

I believe that life is as it is – we get what we get. Sure, we can work with clarity and focus to improve what we achieve, but some events in life will just happen. The wisdom in life is learning how to use whatever comes our way to be better, not bitter.

Life is all about choice. The more we show up present in our lives to observe and assess our situations, the more information we have, and the better choices we can make. A key component of each of our decisions in life is impacted by the level of energy we choose to bring to our situations.

Energy, the positive or negative attitude we bring to our situations is a key motivator of better or bitter. As coaches we constantly review our clients’ energy levels; energy is an indicator of how the client thinks, feels and responds to  situations.

Negative energy, also known as catabolic energy, shows up in our words like, have toshouldmust. In this form of energy we either are feeling like a victim or are ready for a fight. We are pessimistic, critical and judgmental. (Make no mistake about it, life can bring us there – but hold on, you have a choice in how to respond…keep reading.)

Positive energy, also known as anabolic energy, shows up in our worlds like want tohope to, love towish to. The vibration level is at a higher frequency. In a more anabolic state of mind, we are more interested in helping, solving, and serving. We are optimistic, responsive and open.

So how does energy help us be better, not bitter? The more we are present in each moment the more we can see our energy level – then we can make a conscious decision (a choice) to bring the energy to positive. You know how the expression goes, “What you send, you receive.” If you want to battle with life, it will battle back. If you want to friend life and show up each day grateful and open to whatever comes your way, it will share the same response. Bitter or better – your choice.

I love Eckhard Tolle’s book A New Earth. In one section of it he shares that we should only ever be in one of three mindsets –acceptance, enjoyment or enthusiasm (notice how all three are anabolic). We choose how we show up to each of our situations in life. For the events that come our way that we don’t like (stuck in line, getting sick, losing a job) when we learn to accept that the event has happened, we can than choose not to fight with event, but rather use our energy to choose to do something better in the next moment. By fighting with the event, we don’t use our best energy to move forward – and like energy attracts like energy. We stay stuck. We become bitter when things don’t go our way.

So by learning to accept life on life’s terms, it takes the battle out of life and allows us to use our energy for things that improve tough situations or celebrate great ones. And how we approach life is our choice.

And you can see that Tolle’s other two mindsets of enjoyment and enthusiasm bring you to even higher levels of anabolic energy and positive connection with life. It all starts by noticing that you have a choice – and choosing positive over negative, better over bitter.

With a new year approaching, what is your plan to be positive in your attitude and energy – in how you approach whatever life sends your way? This doesn’t mean you give in and let life happen – you still be clear about what you want, face your fears and go get what you want in life. The quality of life isn’t based on the outcome, its based on how you chose to live in the moment.Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. But in all cases we have the ability to be optimistic – not pessimistic, inspired – not defeated, better – not bitter.

How do you choose to show up in life each day?

Good news should always be shared and learning how to choose to make life better in each moment is good news. Please share this with someone who can benefit from it. And contact me to learn how living in your Greatness Zone and life coaching can help you choose better over bitter…

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