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7 Reasons to Celebrate Today!

Written by: | Sunday, May 6th, 2012

There is something hardwired in us (or learned) that seems to focus on what is missing instead of what is present – I call it our inner cynic.

I know so many people who can look at rosebush and see more thorns than flowers; those who see a great pasta dish and obsess about carbs instead of appreciate the flavors, and those who see a line at the movies and complain about the crowd instead of anticipate an amazing show. Mindset. Outlook. It’s ours to control.

So, today, I commit to fight the inner cynic by deciding to celebrate, not only because it’s my anniversary (another year together with the world’s best and most amazing person) and I just found out that my middle daughter is engaged (congratulations Karalyn and Rich!), but because a great life is one regularly marked by celebrations.

Here are 7 reasons to celebrate today, right now. Come up with your list. Post it someplace to review when your inner cynic wants to takes over.

1. There are amazing people in your life. We just have to learn to see what is amazing about them. When we stop our critical look and allow them to be who they are, we see the greatness in the people we know and love. And then we can appreciate them more.That is a reason to celebrate.

2. You are part of the most amazing moment in time. This moment is amazing because you are here an in it. Your life is going on now. You build your life in each moment. You invent it. Your life is built moment by moment – and you define the moments. That is a reason to celebrate.

3. Your struggles and challenges show you how capable you are. When life is easy, you move along on autopilot. When life throws you its challenges, you start to dig deeper, invest in yourself more and discover more about your capabilities. Challenges help you become better. That is a reason to celebrate.

4. Our world has more right with it than wrong with it. Sure, we hear about all of the things that are wrong with our world. Listen to the news and you can get yourself depressed. But when that happens, go look at nature – a tree, flower, a mountain; go look at technology – a building, car or computer; go look at someone you love. There is perfection in our world and there is so much more right with it than wrong with it. See the good. That is a reason to celebrate.

5. You have the ability to choose how you live. You choose – moreover, you get to choose. Never underestimate the value and power of choice. This never means choice is easy but it is a gift to be able to decide who you are, where you live, what you become and how you bring your best to the world. The worst thing you can do is to ever give up this choice. It is your greatest gift. Choice is a reason to celebrate.

6. What was doesn’t have to affect what is or what can beOur pasts are truly that – our past. There is no specific connect of the past to our present or future unless we allow it. Celebrate that each day you get the opportunity to create something new, or not. You get the opportunity to change from your yesterday, or not. This is a reason to celebrate.

7. You are loved. There are people who think you are amazing – and who love you for you. Know who these people are. Appreciate their support, connection and loyalty. Return it. This is a reason to celebrate.

Celebration is not just for holidays. Every day is worthy of celebrating. Every moment in life is valuable – whether easy or difficult. Accumulate every great moment and you build a great life. And the fuel for a great life is celebration.

Great news should always be shared and learning to constantly celebrate life is good news. Please share this with someone who can benefit from it. And contact me to learn how celebrations and other Greatness and Life Coaching techniques can help you create a great life.

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