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The Higher You Climb, The More You See

Written by: | Sunday, March 25th, 2012


The last time we visted my youngest daughter in Tempe (she goes to AZ State), we spent time in our favorite place – Sedona. Ah, the red rocks, the expansive skies, the natural energy – it is really quite a place.

When driving along the main roads, you can see some great things. But you start to see the real beauty when you climb to some of the higher altitudes – this is where more and more becomes visible. The view changes. You see things you didn’t see before. You see things others don’t see.

This reminded me of how most of us go through life. We are on the main road with little to see on either side. Each day looks much like the day before. The views are similar. But when we start to rise above where we are (expand our mindset, expand our thinking, change our environment) we see things that we never previously saw. This gives us a new look at life – it allows us to see more options, more possibilities – a larger view.

I love reading Seth Godin’s blog. Whether reading it for his marketing perspective or his view of life, there is always something important to think about. This week he shared a blog about extending our internal narrative. He explained that each morning most of us get up with the same attitude we had from the day before. We rise with the same biases, hatreds, viewpoints – so that today turns into nothing more than an extension of yesterday. Like the movie Groundhog Day – every day looks like every other day.

What if instead each day we allowed ourselves to start with a new perspective? What if each day we climbed to a higher point to see the world from a larger and more expansive perspective? If we did, I bet we would see things we never previously saw or considered. Our worlds would become instantly larger.

So back to Sedona. The higher we climbed, the more our view changed and the more options we discovered of where to go and how to spend our days. We saw places we didn’t know existed. We saw things that others didn’t see. Our options were greater; our possibilities expanded – all from a change in view.

The lesson: the higher you climb (where higher means becoming more aware, less judgmental, less cynical, less critical) the more you see, accept and allow – for both you and others. When each of us starts to climb to a higher point, we allow ourselves to connect to more – to greater. So the higher you climb, the more you see. The more you see, the more options you have to invent and live a life you love. So keep climbing.

All good news should be shared and learning how to climb to change your view is good news. Please share this with someone who can benefit from it. And contact me to learn more Greatness Coaching tips such as climbing your mountain to expand your view and increase your opportunities to live your best life.

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