The Greatness Zone

Struggling to find your place in today’s world?

Not sure what to do with your life – no matter what your age?

Feel like you are not living your potential – not living with passion or purpose?

In our wild world, finding your way and living your potential isn’t easy.

We can help. Learn How

We provide talent-based tools to help you discover what you are good at, passionate about and what matters to you, and how to connect them to today’s world. Our Life Possibilities programs and Greatness Coaching guide you to live as who you really are. You then know where you are headed. You make great choices. You find your fit. Life on your terms.

We provide our signature workshop that provides a step-by-step process to discover your unique abilities and how to create possibilities in work and life that fit the TrueYou.
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Greatness Coaching
We are certified life coaches who are experts in our proprietary Greatness Coaching process. High performers and those focused on redirecting their lives use coaching to improve their choices, competence and impact.
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Become a Greatness Coach
We are the founders of Greatness Coaching, a self-discovery based coaching process that uses the Greatness Zone Process. Learn how to help others know themselves, find their fit and transform their world.
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The Greatness Zone Podcast

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  • October 6 – Bounce Back From Life’s SetbacksRob McBride – author, bilingual speaker and resiliency expert – Listen

Life's Too Big to Play Small

How To Land On Your Feet

Sometimes life seems to be too much. Relationships fall apart. Health fails. Companies close and you lose a job. Your political party loses an election. You don’t get into your first choice of college. You think your life is over. You don’t know how you can go on. Life seems so unfair. Actually, life just … Continue reading

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